Purple Butterfly Wings To Reading, Script Child's Face with World
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An After School Literacy Program
sponsored by the First Baptist Church, Mountlake Terrace, Washington

Overheard by Mrs. Diane Plourde, M.Ed., Director:

Recently, I came across the Cartoon – Family Circus – Jeffy was watching a caterpillar crawl up a tree with his sister – His insight was this, “In a couple of weeks that caterpillar's going to get promoted to a butterfly.”

From one of our volunteers, “When Diane told us we would have all the ages and grades all mixed up, I didn't believe it would work. But, now I'm surprised at how well it is working. They're all helping each other learn. It's amazing!” She went outside her comfort zone and discovered success.

From another volunteer, “We may be a small church, but we feel much bigger because of all of the things we are able to do in our community.”

A parent stated that their son used to always sleep in the car on their trips to visit Grandma – They were amazed that he now has to visit the library to take out several books to read in the car on those trips.

One Mom came in excited to share that they have started reading together as a family, because the boys really like to read now and keep after her to read with them.

One day, the students came in grumbling – but we kept coming back with a positive answer. It's too cold – but it's warm in here. It's too wet – but it's dry in here. Math is too hard – we can help you with your homework. Reading is too hard – that's why we are all here. My head hurts – drink some water and take a break. My stomach hurts – eat your snack, you're probably hungry. The comment from several – “How come you're always happy? It's just not fair!” The response was, “Well, Life isn't fair.” One of our students repeated this to his brother, when they had a disagreement in the hallway.

Sicilly told me, “Mrs. Plourde, remember last year I really didn't like to read? Well, this year when I read, it's like movies in my head.”

Matthew came in grumbling one day, “It's such a beautiful day outside and here we are stuck inside having to do reading lessons.” Then he looked at me with a great big smile and said, “But reading is fun, now.”

Lukas ran up to me during silent reading, “Hey, guess what? In my book I found a connection to the story you read us last time!” And continued to inform me of that connection. Lukas has a real problem remembering what he reads more than a few minutes – he's made great strides this year in reading comprehension.

Sydni stated to another student, “Last year I hated to read, but now I really like to read. Being a student mentor is a lot of fun!”

Joe exclaimed, “Hey Dad look at this!” Dad sat down and they read several pages of a book on Native Americans together – instead of just rushing off to go home.

At pick-up time a student asked his Mom to wait a minute so he could “finish this part” in his book. Mom was pleasantly surprised and said he could take all the time he needed. She was impressed that he was “that into reading a book.” (We experience this a lot!)

The hunger is great. Not always a hunger for food, but a hunger for knowledge and learning and of being part of a caring community. Once these kids realize that we are there for them and that learning isn't so hard after all, they relax and we all become a community. Listening as the children share their lives with us and being a part of their growth is extremely rewarding. Similar to what Jeffy said in the Family Circus cartoon – As our second year came to a close, our Student Caterpillars got promoted to being Student Butterflies!

Letters of Appreciation:
Here's a note from one of our parents.

Dear Wings,
     I would like to take a minute to acknowledge Ms. Diane Plourde and the “Wings to Reading” program. I believe my son has been and is benefitting from this great program.
     I have noticed a jump in my son's reading proficiency. Ms. Plourde and her staff are professional and helpful. I could not be more pleased with the “Wings to Reading” program and hope my son can continue to benefit from this program for the years to come.

Thank you, E.P.

Anyone wishing to donate to this very worthy program is welcome to contact the program leadership through
e-mail: director@wingstoreading.org
or by phone:
or through regular mail to:
     Wings To Reading
     22800 - 56th Ave. W.
     Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043

Diane Plourde, M.Ed.
(425) 778-3642
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