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March 2011 Weaver editorial – From the Pastor
“Then God said to Moses: I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites, ‘I AM has sent me to you.’”
Exodus 3:14 NIV 

     Moses needed a name for God. How could he go back to Egypt and speak for God if he did know God's name? God answers, “I will be what I will be.” “I AM who I am.”
     In an age when a person's image was bound up in a name, how can God be given a name that truly explains who God is? There is no one designation that can adequately describe the attributes of God. Think of the many ways God is described. How can one begin to limit God to a single image? A single name?
     We often limit our images of God. We have not yet seen all of God's wonder and grace. Over Lent I want to look at the images of Jesus found in the Gospel of John by using the “I AM” statements of Jesus.
     In Mark's Gospel Jesus asked the disciples who the people were saying he was and then who do the disciples say he is in return (Mark 8:27-30). Everyone had their own idea. Some say... Even today we all have our images of God/Christ. They have been framed from our own experiences. For some one image is better than another. None are completely right or wrong. They are our images formed from our experiences with God. They need to be added to the image of others – to complete the picture.
     What are your images? What comes to mind when you hear Jesus say, “I am the bread of life”? Or, “I am the way, the truth and life.” How do these images expand our understanding of who Jesus is, is the question we hope to expand on.
     Over Lent I want us to explore these issues together in our Wednesday evening gatherings. Again we will share in a mid-week worship experience (5 p.m.) and then gather round the tables for a “simple” evening meal (5:45 p.m). This will be a time for us to stop and reflect and hopefully enlarge our understanding of who Jesus is – through his own words about his being.
     And, for Lent, I would encourage you not to give up something! Rather, why not do something. Add something to your already too busy life. Maybe make our Wednesday evening gatherings. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or hospital. Make it a point to call someone each week you have not had contact with for a while and check up on them. Read your Bible every day. Find something that will add to your life in a positive way over Lent – Bring someone new to worship each week over Lent. Let your imaginations soar. It is only for seven weeks – but who knows how God may lead. How God may change the world because you decided to do something different – to accept the challenge and add rather than give something up.

          Pastor Dennis

March Scripture and Sermons

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March 6 – Communion Sunday
Deuteronomy 11:18-21; Matthew 7:21-29
“And In Conclusion”

March 13
Genesis 3:8-13; Romans 5:19-21
“I Didn't Do It!”

March 20
Psalm 121; Romans 4:1-5, 13-17
“By Faith Abraham...”

March 27
Psalm 95; John 4:39-42
“God's Pasture”

Wednesday Lenten Themes

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