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May 2009 Weaver - Pastor's page
     “How many loaves do you have?”   Mark 8:5 NIV 

     I was sitting at the groundbreaking ceremony for “Shepherd's Garden” in Lynnwood (our sister congregation's low income elderly housing project – Good Shepherd Baptist), and was talking with another ABC pastor. We remarked about this project and how a congregation (about our size) was able to “pull it off.” We spoke of the vision of the region when the property was purchased and how it is now opening up another aspect of ministry.
     We also talked about the land that each of our congregations had and how such a project would be impossible on the land we own. The other pastor then commented on how we (FBC/MLT) were using our “gifts” for the after school program. How our program of helping kids to read may have a major impact on lives in the years to come. Each of us are doing what God has gifted us with and using our land/facilities to God's glory. We celebrate our individual gifts and ministries while remaining a part of the larger family of Evergreen-American Baptists!
     It was not long after this conversation that I was reading Mark's Gospel and these words of Jesus jumped off the page: “How many loaves do you have?” You may recall the story. Jesus has spent another day interacting with the people and as evening comes he knows they are hungry and has compassion on them.

The disciples, being practical, know they don't have enough to feed this whole crowd. They wonder where they can secure enough food for all these people. There are no food stores or fast food places in the immediate area!
     Jesus' response, “What do you have?”, is a simple question. Jesus does not ask us for what we do not have, only what we have. Each congregation is called to a unique ministry. We are not called to duplicate what another is doing (unless this is where God is calling), but rather to use what God has given us. The tragedy (some might say sin) of the church is when we fail to use what God has already given us. We fail when we do not use the buildings and resources we have to do the ministry God has set before us. Not all will be able to build elderly housing, nor will all be able to enter into a partnership with the local school district to provide an afternoon tutoring program. Each of us is called to use what we have.
     What matters is whether we are using the gifts God has given. In the words of Jesus: “How many loaves to you have?”

          Pastor Plourde

May Scripture and Sermons
May 3 – Communion
Psalm 119:105-112; John 4:46-54
“Seriously Now!”

May 10 – Mother's Day
Psalm 42; I Peter 1:3-12
“You Are Witnesses”
May 17
Isaiah 40:6-11; I Peter 1:13-25
“Obedient & Having Fun”

May 24
Isaiah 28:14-22; I Peter 2:1-10
“Spiritual Houses”
May 31
Psalm 34:4-18; I Peter 3:8-22
“God Bless You”

For most of May and June I will be using as our main text I Peter – take time to read it from several translations over these weeks – Let God speak to us from this wonderful letter.
Because of fifth Sunday conflicts we have not had a game night in a while; and while May has one – there is a conflict – an Ordination Council – so we are scheduling one on Sunday, May 17 – 4 p.m. at the Plourde's. Join us for some games and hot dogs and hamburgers, etc.

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