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From the Pastor, Dennis Plourde
Pastor's NewsLetter Page for July 2008
     “Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat. Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost.”   Isaiah 55:1 

     I was bored. The Price is Right Million Dollar Spectacular was on. Not a big fan of the program, I had not seen Drew Carey as the host before, and as I said, I was bored. (Although one contestant did win a million dollars +.) What I noticed was the excitement as the announcer called a name with the traditional...“Come on down!” My mind went to the words of the prophet Isaiah, quoted above.
     There was excitement in the crowd as the contestants rushed down. They had hopes and dreams of winning a new car or a million dollars. They had enthusiasm. They were eager to be there and had probably stood in line for hours. It was their chance to perhaps win big. My thoughts went back to another game show where the contestants dressed up in strange outfits, hoping for their chance. The more bizarre or strange the outfit the better they thought their chances were to be selected. They too, wanted to “come on down” and win.
     I contrasted it to the invitation of Isaiah: The invitation to those who are thirsty and hungry for the things of God, to “Come”. To come to the One who can satisfy the deep thirst and hunger of the heart. I contrasted it to the invitation on the Price is Right. There is no waiting in line, no hope of maybe being chosen. There is no need to be different.
There is only the desire to have your thirst quenched, your hunger satisfied. There is no requirement other than coming to the source: coming to God. There is no limit to the size of the audience. The invitation is to all, to come.
     At the end of the Price is Right only nine people received the invitation to “come on down,” though there were far more than that in the audience. It was an invitation reserved only for a select few. Though many there wanted and believed they should be invited only nine were chosen. And, of that nine only six were invited to join Drew Carey on the stage. They would be narrowed down to two who would vie for the showcases at the end and then, only one had the potential to win. Yet, there they were, yelling, shouting, hoping for the invitation to “come on down”. Even with no guarantees of satisfaction.
     The invitation of God is open to all. It has no limits. The invitation is to anyone who desires to come. Who desires a deeper relationship with God. Whose hunger and thirst is no longer satisfied by the things of the world. It is our invitation to accept and it then becomes our invitation to give. We can invite anyone. There are no limits on the numbers who can respond. Is not our God great? Has God not given us the right to invite everyone to the greatest celebration ever to be held – a celebration that will satisfy our deepest thirst and hunger? Don't neglect giving the invitation this summer: Our God desires the honor of YOUR presence.

          Pastor Dennis

July Scripture and Sermons

July 6, Communion Sunday
Psalm 121; John 9:1-12
“Power to Help Others”

July 13
Psalm 23; Matthew 14:22-33
“Power to be Brave”

July 20
Psalm 145:1-7; Luke 24:13-35
“Power to Live Forever”

July 27
II Kings 7:3-9; Acts 2:37-42
“Power to Tell Others”

World Mission Conference
Remember: International Ministries is sponsoring a Mission Conference in Medford, OR, July 18-20, 2008

The Sermon Themes for July are focused on each day of our Vacation Bible School – we began June 29 with “Power to be Thankful”. This is your opportunity to catch the VBS excitement and spirit and to get a head start on the daily lessons! Come worship with us in July.
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Picnic and Hymn Sing
Wednesday July 23
Join Us
Picnic at 5:30 p.m.

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