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From the Pastor, Dennis Plourde
Pastor's NewsLetter Column for February 2008
     It happens every four years. No, I am not talking about presidential elections or the summer or winter Olympics. I am talking about Sadie Hawkins' Day! Do you remember the comic strip, Li'l Abner? It was one of my favorites. And, it is here that I discovered Sadie Hawkins' Day – February 29th – the day when all the single women were free to chase the man of their dreams and ask him to marry! It was a big day in Dogpatch – a day eagerly awaited by all the single females and equally dreaded by all the single males. A day of fun, laughter and celebration.
     Now you may wonder what all this has to do with anything. And you are right – other than this being a “leap” year and there being 29 days in February, it has nothing to do with anything. But, maybe it does. Maybe.
     One of the things Sadie Hawkins' Day did was to remind us of the need of one segment of the population. No, I am not calling for a day when we remember the single women and pray that they find a man! I am well beyond that. But what it does, for me, is to remind me that there are segments of our society that we often forget. And, that we need to be reminded of them. On these cold nights have we thought of the homeless of Snohomish and King Counties? Or, on Valentine's Day, what about those who will not have someone to celebrate with this year? Will we remember them and find a way to remind them of the love of Christ's church for them?
     This year, Lent begins on the first Wednesday in February. The earliest it can ever begin. We will start our journey to the cross and we will remember. Our attention will be drawn again to the last days of Jesus' life. Lent, like Advent, causes us to pause and remember, lest we forget the cost involved in our redemption. We invite you to join with us in a special Lenten worship time each Wednesday at noon in the North room, followed by a time of fellowship over a light lunch. It will be a time for us to remember. We will remember again.
     So does Sadie Hawkins' Day. It reminds us of people we need to be ministering to. It reminds us that there are those who for whatever reason have chosen to be single. It reminds us that if we are to be the Church God has called into being then our ministry must be to all people. The Apostle Paul said it this way:
     “I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.”
     I Cor. 9:22b

     We cannot neglect any part of God's family. Our call is to allow all people a part in the family and work our best not to exclude anyone. It is not easy. We need Sadie Hawkins' Day to remind us of those we often overlook. We need to be reminded of our call to minister to all in the name of the Living Christ. Thanks to Sadie Hawkins for reminding us of our need to be reminded.

Pastor Dennis

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