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From the New Pastor, Dennis Plourde
Pastor's NewsLetter Column for June 2007
     At the annual meeting of the First Baptist Church of Mountlake Terrace a vision statement was adopted. It is a good, strong vision statement that opens the door to a variety of ministry opportunities and outreach.

     Being a congregation of growing believers, God calls us, through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, to be a continuing Christian influence of grace, peace and joy, to offer God's salvation, healing and hope to our community.

     The question now becomes, "How are we going to live out this vision?" During the month of June I want to focus our worship on our vision statement and the "Calls to Action" that are included. How do we/can we live out this vision?

     I like the vision because it is an open ended vision. It allows for the creativity of God's people in every aspect of life. It encourages us to grow, to influence and to be a moving force for change, healing and hope in our lives. Now, I say, in our lives, because it is through our lives that this vision is lived out in the midst of community. It is not the life of someone else. We can't say don't look at me but look at..... We must be the example.

     No, none of us is perfect. None of us do everything right everyday. At least I don't! But our vision statement does not call for perfection, it calls for growth: I will do better today than I did yesterday and will do better tomorrow than I did today with the help of the Holy Spirit and my community of faith. Our vision statement asks that each of us discover ways to grow in faith through prayer, Bible Study, service, etc. It calls for us to seek grace, peace and joy in our lives and bring these to the lives of others. Simply put, it calls us to be Christian in all our lives.

     I hope that you will join us in worship during the month of June (and throughout the year) and explore how together we can live out the vision of our congregation as being the body of Christ in this place. I look forward to hearing your ideas of how we can live this vision out as a corporate body of Christ. How we can, together, be all that God in Christ has called us to be: A congregation of growing believers!

Pastor Dennis

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