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From the Pastor, Dennis Plourde
Pastor's NewsLetter Column for July 2007
     Twenty-three (23) of us met on Saturday, June 3, to do some brain storming about possible ministry and fun activities for FBC for the summer and early fall of 2007. Here is the list we compiled in no particular order of importance!
     * Homemade ice-cream social/silent auction
     * Art projects for young and old
     * Auction of talents and gifts
     * 0utdoor community garage sale
     * Care-giving workshop for caregivers
     * Music workshop
     * Volleyball
     * Game night(s)—indoors and out doors... horse shoes anyone?
     * Tool night – learn how to use
     * Computer classes
     * Mid-week, evening worship service
     * Arts and crafts fair
     * Membership workshop
     * Evangelism workshop
     * Picnic/basket social—church picnic
     * Christian Education Programs/teen outreach

     WOW! Where do we begin? Well, we decided our first priority should be in planning something for the July 27-28 Tour de Terrace Parade and events. We will have a meeting on June 27 for more planning on this and will have some ideas ready to implement for this time of community celebration in the Terrace. The region is working to implement some workshops and we need to encourage one another to attend. Thus, we are on our way.
     I thought of Jesus and his encounter with Philip and Nathanael in John l:43f. Here we find Philip meeting Jesus and Philip telling Nathanael of his encounter. Nathanael is skeptical about whether "anything good can come out of Nazareth" but decides to go along with Philip to meet this Jesus. Philip cannot make a decision for Nathanael but he can introduce him to Jesus. Notice that Philip does not insist but simply asks Nathanael to come and see for himself. Nathanael will make the decision.
     As I look at the above list, some of the events are for just plain ole fellowship and are designed just to bring friends along and let them decide for themselves about us and who we are as the people of God. They are not designed to do any more than just allow us to get to know one another and have some fun in the process – maybe a sore arm or two as we have found an old-fashioned ice-cream maker! Some are designed to help us better share our faith and our faith journey. Some may be designed to help meet a specific need in the community – art lessons, teen activities, etc. However all are ways in which we can share our faith just by being "Christians" in our daily walk.
     My prayer is that as we walk along this journey together you will join us in those activities that interest you. That you will help us in areas where you can and in all of this we'll continue to grow together as the people of God serving in this place. Come along now and join the party, come along now and join the fun of serving Jesus!

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