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Pastor's NewsLetter Column for April 2007
Bill's Bench
Note: As Editor Harold reminded me, this will be my last "Bench " in the Weaver as our journey together as a community of faith is coming to a close. I hope these columns have been of benefit to you. I have learned much about myself and my relationship to Christ in the writing of them. Bill
     When my grandfather, R.W. Pruitt, was pastor of the Avon United Methodist Church, he recruited his own Kiwanis Club to sponsor a teen spiritual roots and growth program he entitled the "Full Life Foundation." This phrase, as you may know, is taken from John 10:10 (my favorite verse): "I have come that they may have life in all its fullness." As we conclude the Lenten Season and anticipate the celebration of Resurrection Sunday (Easter), this is certainly a good theme to review.

     Three characteristics of Abundant/Full/Resurrection living should always be a part of each one of us. Abundant Living is daily, difficult, and dynamic. To continue our daily journey with the risen Christ, we must be involved with him on a daily basis. Especially as we reflect on His involvement with us. Someone has said that Christians are "either gaining ground or losing ground, but can never stand still." No matter how much I may desire the "perfect time" when my life is in order and no further changes are needed, I know that it will never happen in my current lifespan on earth. In order to prepare and focus my contact with Christ each day and to grow in him, I find Biblical study, prayer, and a daily guide (currently "Each Day A New Beginning") necessary in order to gain and not lose ground.

     The Christian life is not always an easy life. Personal standards and commitments don't match those of the general society in which you live. Some days it seems the day's events bring more pain than promise. However, we must always remember that the new life we have received in Christ was secured in a very difficult manner, death on a cross. When I came, I said two of my priorities were "Prompt" and "Prepared." As some of our church leaders can testify - I'm still working on that. Some gains have been made, but much remains to change. A very difficult change for me, but empowered by the love of a risen Christ for me.

     Finally, the Christian life is a dynamic life. There is always give and take, ebb and flow. But at its root it is even more. In the Gospel of Mark, the Greek word for power is the root for the English word, dynamite. As Christians we must constantly remind ourselves that we are called to live beyond our own power and resources. The "dynamite" that is ours in Christ's love for us is what makes the difference.

      Christ is Risen, Indeed!!

   In Him,
     --Pastor Bill

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